Excellence of teaching in vocational training through self-evaluation and external evaluation of those learning. Development of a competence profile and an online self-evaluation and external evaluation system.

ROQET - Key competencies of the trainer tutor in the teaching-learning process

The Lisbon Strategy of the European Commission has the aim of making the EU into the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economic region in the world.

This aim should be achieved via a so-called “knowledge-based economy.”

Lifelong learning is an EU programme which should help to make Europe into a modern and accessible educational area

Lifelong learning means, primarily, that learning continues after school and first vocational training. Many centres for vocational training (VET Centres) offer this opportunity.

The EC is challenging its member states to improve VET (Vocational Education and Training) and to keep promoting and securing its position.

But how can this vocational and further training be improved?

The key to this is competence of teachers and trainers. 

ROQET made its main project aim to develop and use competency evaluation systems for trainers from the training centres, in the style of existing systems in some countries.

Overall, an improvement was made to the quality and innovation of the systems, centres and measures in a country-wide context for vocational and further training.

ISOB took on the role of the internal evaluation, supporting the partners in developing a project philosophy and project products.

ISOB monitored and promoted partners working together, by giving continual feedback on a basis of compiled data, for cooperation and satisfaction of target groups, for the products which have been developed

The dissemination of results was supported by user-orientated progress reports and final reports. They are now available to a wider public, and present the developments and results of the project and the reaction of the target group, as well as of other stakeholders (interested parties). In addition, recommendations for further use and further development of the project were submitted.

Project website:


The System is based on the further development of the following products from the project QUTE.

Target group: No longer university teaching staff, but trainers and teachers in vocational and further education centres.

Tool: Not only a reworking of the software, but an improvement and adaptation to the needs of the user.

Use: provides the possibility of individual adaptation to needs and conditions of the various user groups and organisations

Aims of the lifelong learning programme were among others:

  • Supporting participants in the training measure and the adaptation and use of knowledge, promoting skills and qualifications in order to facilitate personal development and contribution to the European employment market
  • Improvements to the quality and innovation of VET systems, centres and measures which improve the quality and scope of cooperation between the actors and vocational training, which will promote development of innovation in the VET field, as well as improving transparency of qualifications and competencies
  • Supporting development of new ICT based content, services and pedagogical measures for lifelong learning

Project aims for implementing these objectives:

  • Development of a "competency overview" which is aimed at further vocational development of trainers in VET centres
  • Creation of a "strong profile" to maintain a model which is based on previously defined competencies
  • Development of competency evaluation questionnaires
  • Development of a self-evaluation guideline as an orientation 
  • Creation of a self-evaluation software and the corresponding user handbook
  • Development and implementation of coaching workshops, to implement improvements to competency.

Project partners:

Applicant: Spain: Fundación para la Formación, Cualificación y Empleo en el Sector Metal de Asturias

Slovenia: PIA, informacijski sistemi in storitve d.o.o.
Center Republike Slovenije za poklicno izobraževanje Šolski center Velenje

Greece: ΕΛΛΗHELLENIC Regional Development Center

Portugal: Centro de Formação Profissional para o Comércio e Afins

Germany: ISOB Institut für sozialwissenschaftliche Beratung GmbH

Hungary: SZÁMALK Oktatási és Informatikai Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság


Duration of the project: 01. October 2010 to 30. September 2012