Scientific studies and evaluation in the field of vocational training and active employment and labour market politics make up the main focal point of our function.

At the same time we make sure that the use of information for the applicant and other interested parties is central to our work.

The results and findings of this research enrich our practical development work.

We observe testing of our research where “action research” is carried out in the common innovation of our fields of function

ISOB was or is currently involved in the following studies:

  • Study on quality assurance in vocational training in Europe
  • Study on approaches to learning regions, evaluative studies for the integration of young people into the world of work through further training (BPJ)
  • Study on coping with technological change in Europe
  • Studies on measures, communication and disposition of the unemployed, people in rehabilitation and disabled people in the scope of various programmes
  • Study on quality management in the educational sector of EU member states
  • Study on benchmarking of insertion companies in Europe
  • Study on creation of social competencies as a requirement for group work
  • Study on implementation of learning regions in Europe
  • Evaluation of Article 7 and 11 of the “Jump” initiative of the federal government (youth now project) for the integration of young unemployed people on behalf of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education
  • Ex-ante evaluation of the regional development plans for the new federal states, on behalf of the European Commission
  • Evaluation of the guidelines for promotion of social economic corporations on behalf of the Thuringian Ministry of Economic affairs, Employment and Infrastructure
  • International monitoring of development in the field of learning in a social setting, on behalf of the Association for Research in Professional Development
  • Study on analysis and documentation of national and international approaches and models for training older people (50+) with demographic change with particular attention being paid to regional and local further education cooperation, on behalf of the BMBF (German Ministry for Education and Research)
  • Study on Acceptance of Certificate of Further Studies "Geprüfte/r Wirtschaftsfachwirt/in" (Bachelors Professional of Business). This professional profile has been introduced in 2009 and is based on general management competences. The study will document the acceptance and areas of employment of graduates. Mandated by BMBF, supervised by BIBB In cooperation with f-bb          Contact: Gerhard Stark stark (at)